Hardware-Efficient Secure Cache Design

Proposed the Maya Cache: A secure and storage-efficient fully-associative last-level cache design

An overview of the MAYA cache design

Guide: Prof. Biswabandan Panda

MIRAGE is a secure fully-associative last-level cache design which guarantees complete security against eviction-based side-channel attacks, but at a hefty hardware overhead of 17%. We propose MAYA, which guarantees the same level of security, and at no hardware overhead compared to a non-secure baseline. We are also able to save around 6% in terms of energy and area compared to the baseline.



  1. isca.jpg
    The Maya Cache: A Storage-efficient and Secure Fully-associative Last-level Cache
    Anubhav Bhatla,  Navneet, and Biswabandan Panda
    In International Symposium on Computer Architecture, 2024


  1. MIRAGE: Mitigating Conflict-Based Cache Attacks with a Practical Fully-Associative Design
    Gururaj Saileshwar, and Moinuddin Qureshi
    In 30th USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security’21), Aug 2021