Optimum Device Design for NIPIN Selector

Performed experiments on the NIPIN device by varying i-region widths, temperature an introducing SiGe in the p-region

Overview of the NIPIN device

Guide: Prof. Udayan Ganguly

This project was taken up as part of the course EE724: Nanoelectronics by Prof. Udayan Ganguly. The problem statement was to experiment with the NIPIN device in order to obtain a good selector device. We understood and analyzed the effect of Impact Ionization on the PIN and NIPIN devices. We performed experiments on the device by changing the widths of the i-regions and observed the changes in the band diagram and IV characteristics. We also observed the effect of changing the temperature on the IV characteristics and the ideality factor. Lastly, we tried something new by using various proportions of Silicon-Germanium (SiGe) in the p-region instead of Silicon and observed its effect on the band diagram.

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  1. High performance triangular barrier engineered NIPIN selector for bipolar RRAM
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