Embedded Software Internship

Texas Instruments, India

An example GStreamer pipeline

I interned at Texas Instruments (India) as an Embedded Software Engineer in the Summer of 2023. I worked on two broad projects during my 9-week long summer internship at Texas Instruments. The first was an exploratory project about looking into the boot flow of various processors and to come up with a boot loader porting guide. This was aimed at users who wanted to port their applications from their current microprocessor to the Sitara AM62x microprocessor, which specializes in HMI (human-machine-interaction) applications.

During the second half of my internship, I started working on creating a driver monitoring application for the Stara AM62Ax microprocessor, which specializes in analytics applications. For this, I had to modify the existing GStreamer pipelines to enable stacking of mutliple Deep Neural Network models, which were required for creating the application.